Marketing Manager (Argentina)

Work Type: Full Time
Bitcoin has solidified its role as a trustworthy store of value. However, gaining yield on Bitcoin typically requires transferring it to centralized custodians, presenting significant risks. Over $40Bn has vanished due to custodial mishaps and security breaches.

DLC.Link introduces a solution allowing users to place their Bitcoin in escrow directly within their wallets. This system empowers users to use their Bitcoin as collateral, earn yield, and maintain full ownership. Currently, a mere 2% of Bitcoin is operational. Our platform aims to harness the dormant 98%, thus unlocking more than $1 Trillion in Bitcoin liquidity for lending ventures on Ethereum and other blockchains.

We seek an adept Marketing Manager capable of devising and deploying marketing strategies to amplify awareness, educate our prospective clientele, and solidify brand allegiance. This role encompasses constructing client personas, accumulating sales leads, maximizing value through the customer lifecycle, tracking prospects, establishing landing pages, designing webpage forms, launching email marketing endeavors, analyzing web metrics, leading outbound PR including pitching to media and podcasts, and driving community engagement through initiatives like monthly calls and targeted user research groups.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities:
  • Partner with collaborators to orchestrate consumer and industry educational campaigns
  • Craft marketing material written with a technical voice that is credible to web3 natives
  • Initiate regular social promotions and campaigns, assessing their efficacy
  • Engage and lead the DLC.Link community, organizing monthly calls and small targeted user research groups to foster feedback and insights
  • Engage in proactive PR initiatives, pitching to journalists and podcast curators
  • Evaluate marketing results using tools such as web analytics software and HubSpot

  • We are an early-stage startup in the emerging crypto field, so we are exclusively looking to work with entrepreneurs and self-taught marketers
  • Proven experience with demand generation across website, social and conferences
  • Natural intellectual curiosity and strong analytical skills
  • Conversational in English (required), and Spanish or Mandarin (preferred)
  • Deep interest in Bitcoin and DeFi

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